Twitch TV, the streaming social network that will change the way you work with videos

Twitch is a social network dedicated to streaming that is growing quickly. If you want to attract new leads, this platform can be very useful for your digital marketing strategies.

In this post, I will try to explain all its advantages and the reasons why you should create an account on this platform if you intend to improve brand image.

Maybe you don’t know yet, but is one of the social networks that is growing and it may offer some advantages for your digital marketing strategy.

Youtube is very popular, as millions of users are watching videos on the platform every minute. However, other platforms are offering different solutions and attracting new users.

I also have a YouTube channel, because I need to release information to my subscribers and promote my personal brand.

In fact, I’ve already written about the importance of Youtube on this blog. However, YouTube is not the only social network. There are others like Twitch.

And, precisely, today I want to explain to you why you should create a channel on this platform and, of course, why you should publish your content on this social network.

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