Views from Outside Twitch update

A undocumented change happened in the stats dashboard for Twitch streamers that you should know about! Views from Outside Twitch has a source called “Direct” and you are probably wondering what exactly gets put into the direct section?

Answer is any sub-domain urls that are embedding your stream all get put into direct. Note: It also include other things but to the best of my knowledge its mostly subdomains. If anyone knows what else is put into the direct bin, please let me know by commenting below!

In the past you would be able to see blogspot and gamepedia being listed in this stat section. Here is a example of that via the screenshot.  download twitch tv activate for good quality streaming Movies and series 

views from outside twitch

Now its more limited, here is a recent screenshot from the “Views from Outside Twitch” section.

updated views from outside twitch
What is more helpful for streamers to know? A Bulk number of external views coming from who knows where or knowing each of the URLS of the top most external views. In my opinion its better to know the exact domains / subdomains and URLS of what is showcasing your stream. Right now if any gamepedia wiki features a streamer, they will not have any idea where that viewership traffic is coming from because it will not list gamepedia anymore in the views from outside twitch section.

Having a section called “Direct” just doesnt make sense either. When you are listing views from outside twitch and then put in something called direct, people will be confused. I hope they do some changes in the future to bring back the more detail reporting. The more information streamers know about how and where their streams are being consumed the better planning and decision making can occur.

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